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The easiest way to eat the large amounts of soy necessary to protect you from breast cancer is a protein powder-based soy shake. Add a banana, water, ice, and some soy protein powder into a blender, then drink it like a milk shake. As a powder the soy protein is more quickly broken down and absorbed. UCLA uses concentrated powders in its cancer prevention trials. They know each subject is getting exactly enough. Soy protein powder is available as Vegi Fuel from Twinlab or directly from the manufacturer, Protein Technologies. Nagi Kumar's study at the H. Lee Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa uses the Protein Technologies product. Dr. John Glapsy's study uses Take Care, an unflavored powder that can be consumed in a strawberry smoothie, in lemonade, or in a honey drink, chocolate shake, marinara sauce, chocolate chip cookie, soup, or muffin. This is the easiest way to be certain you're getting exactly as much soy as you choose. Three servings of Take Care daily contains roughly 60 grams of soy protein. It works great first thing in the morning as a waker-upper. Be sure to buy high-quality products such as those made by Protein Technologies and Twinlab. Other manufacturers may use alcohol extraction techniques that take out most of the genistein. You can determine the genistein content of the product you're using by closely examining the label or by asking your pharmacist.

Purists will want to eat traditional Asian soy foods as part of an Asian diet, since they are better digested and absorbed than many second-generation or "engineered" soy foods. You will really have to eat a great deal of soy, however, to ingest the equivalent of 60 grams of soy protein. If you choose to go this route, the food plans in Part Three of this book list a variety of simple soy-based meals. The most practical soy food is the soy nut.