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For many people the idea of having choice in their lives is a purely philosophical notion. In Alexander Technique we learn to undo chronically held muscular tensions, and come to realize that we can change what we thought were 'natural' and unchangeable habits of movement and posture over which we had no control. When people have this very practical experience of having choice and individual responsibility in how they use their bodies, very often their whole outlook on life changes as they realize it applies to all facets of their being. They are able to respond to life not as creatures of habit but, through consciousness, to open up the possibility for more appropriate, less stressful and ultimately more creative choices.

'Change involves carrying out an activity against the habit of life.'

F. M. Alexander

'Thus it will be seen that the difference between the new habit and the old is that the old was our master and ruled us, whilst the new is our servant ready to carry out our lightest wish without question, though always working quietly and unobtrusively on our behalf F. M. Alexander