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When one of my clients, Jill, called and woke me up one night at eleven-thirty with something that could not wait, I knew it had to be important. She had run into an old college friend that night who raved about how great Jill looked and asked her what new diet she was on. Jill laughed and responded that she had given up diets about a year ago. Her friend was about to start a rumor that Jill had undergone liposuction from head to toe when Jill finally told her, "I've simply switched my female fat cells off with the OFF Plan."

You, too, will switch your fat cells off with the diet-free, medically sound, lifestyle approach of the OFF Plan to:




Through a series of 6 logical and realistic strategies that focus on how you eat, not what you eat, your female fat cells will be tricked into switching off. You have been "feeding" your fat cells for most of your life through dieting and overeating. The OFF Plan strategies feed your body, not your fat cells.

In order for you to fully understand exactly how the OFF Plan switches your fat cells off, I first need to discuss what switches them on. You already know about the effects of estrogen, but let me summarize so that you can view the whole picture. The surge of estrogen during puberty flipped the switch on, and the fat cells of the hips, buttocks, and thighs were awakened. Then, for many women, they are given some extra voltage with oral contraceptives, pregnancy, and estrogen replacement.

When I shared this information with my husband, he commented, "It sounds like women are power plants for fat production. Too bad you can't just call the electric company and tell them to cut the power." The situation is not that extreme, but, compared to a man's, a woman's fat cell does have more power for storage. I have used this analogy of a light switch turning the fat storage power on and off to help you visualize the factors influencing your fat cells. It is certainly not as easy as flipping a switch, but the "light switch" analogy will give you an awareness of what activates your fat cells and what deactivates them.

So, simply being a woman is enough to switch your fat cells on. Unfortunately, you do not have much control over the effects of estrogen on female fat. But there are other choices women make that give life to the fat cell.

Dieting, overeating, skipping meals, nocturnal eating, a high fat intake, and inactivity are just as effective as estrogen in switching on the fat cells by activating the lipogenic, fat-storing enzymes. But, on the positive side, these are habits that you can control.


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