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Treatment of ulcers: side effects

Q. What about side effects? We seem to read about adverse conditions occurring from time to time. Are these serious?
A. I suppose every known drug has an adverse side effect on somebody somewhere. It is a fact of life. Why, even most foods can be found to disagree with somebody. Considering that by 1984 around 30 million patients are said to have been treated with cimetidine, the number of adverse side effects is surprisingly small. Certainly researchers will dig up a wide range of symptoms which are claimed to have been produced by cimetidine, but in the total picture, these are very small and probably of little consequence.
The same doctors will also point out that simple, old fashioned aspirin, which has been around for nearly 100 years, may cause allergy reactions, asthma, bleeding from the stomach and bowel, nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, and many other symptoms. But this does not preclude it from being one of the most valuable and widely prescribed drugs of all time.
If adverse side effects occur, then appropriate steps can be taken at once. On the other hand, if they are minimal, then the benefits of treatment will often outweigh any problems.
Q. Are other drugs in this family available, or is cimetidine the only one?
A. In 1982, another drug called ranitidine became available in Australia. Like cimetidine, it is a product of original research in Britain. It is marginally different, works in a similar manner, is claimed to have certain benefits, as all new drugs claim. Time, however, will show if this is really the case. Some major British trials have indicated that it may be of special benefit in the few cases in which cimetidine therapy fails to work. No drug will be effective 100% of times and a related drug may prove effective, this appears to be the case with ranitidine. Another preparation is a drug called oxmetidine, which is also similar in activity. Yet another named omeprazole has also been developed. How these will compare to the others, time will tell. It has all been succinctly put by a Sydney gastro-enterologist who recently wrote in an Australian medical magazine: "It is difficult to envisage that these drugs will be any safer or more effective than cimetidine in equipotent dosage."
Q. Can the patient still take other medication with cimetidine if necessary?
A. The most likely medication will be antacids, and this is often taken in the early days along with cimetidine. It does little more than reduce pain. As pain disappears, most will cease using antacids, but they may be taken if desired. Often the decision is left with the patient.
It is pointed out that the doctor will be careful in prescribing other non-ulcer type drugs in the event of high dosage levels being required. Sometimes, in severely ill patients, cimetidine is given by injection, either directly into the blood stream (intravenous) or the muscle (intramuscular injection). This helps it work more rapidly.
In ageing patients, when the liver and kidney are not working as efficiently as in younger days, the drug may further reduce their working efficiency, and drugs such as warfarin, phenytoin, theophylline, which go to the liver also, must be taken with care. Nevertheless, this is the doctor's concern. He is well aware of these special circumstances in certain patients and will offer the appropriate advice.

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